2017 Predictions: The Year of Obamacare Repeal and Fallout

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Rob Coppedge

Rob Coppedge, CEO, Echo Health Ventures, a new investment company formed by Cambia Health Solutions and Mosiac Health Solutions LLC: 


"In the venture business in health care, it's repeal-and-get-real. It's a wake up call for venture investors. This period of getting real will make it very clear that it takes more than technology and a great idea to build a health care company that will thrive. You Can't build a company on the whims of Washington or on reimbursement arbitrage. 2017 is going to be a shakeout year. It's going to put a spotlight on solutions focused on getting innovations to scale more quickly for the consumer, rather than taking advantage of this or that government loophole. A lot of companies out there now that have business models that are dependent on the ACA. Those companies, while they might be the right business long term, are facing a year of slow sales and pressure from their investors. Echo Health Ventures is coming at it with a long-term view. I think there's going to be a huge amount of opportunity. Disruption is one thing folks in our business feed off of. A big part of getting real will be identifying models in a disrupted market. There's going to be a lot of caution from the investor community. We're tap dancing on thin ice."