Laying the Runway Down to Ensure Success: Health Evolution Interview Series

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Health Evolution Summit Interview Series

Each year, the Health Evolution Summit brings together CEOs, executives, innovators, policymakers and investors from across the health care industry to debate ideas and inspire creative solutions.


At this year’s summit, Echo Health Ventures CEO Rob Coppedge joined Busy Burr, Former Vice President and Head of Human Health Ventures, and Lisa Suennen, Former Senior Managing Director of GE Ventures to discuss telehealth as a microcosm for larger trends happening across the health care innovation landscape.


Here are a few highlights from their discussion:


Why telehealth is shifting from a want to a need
“I think increasingly people are going to recognize that it’s not just a “nice to have” but that it’s an urgent need …We have big populations that will be moving into the chronic care system, and so we’re going to need these kinds of tools and systems that create better access, more efficiently, faster. So tele is going to become a vital necessity.” – Busy Burr


Why telehealth is breaking down silos
“Health care traditionally thinks about new technologies as something off in a silo, or off in a box. We’ve treated telehealth and telemedicine as its own thing …The system is beginning to see a teleconsult, or a virtual consult, or eventually using AI in that process, as actually something that’s just extending the practice. It’s like a new side of service—it just happens to be much more convenient for the consumer.” – Rob Coppedge


Why outside players are breaking into health care
“We see companies like Amazon and others coming into health care in a way we didn’t ever see before because that’s the route into doing something different. The traditional health care system, no disrespect intended, is kind of allergic to fundamentally making change.”  – Lisa Suennen


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