TouchCare Closes Series A Funding Led By Mosaic Health Solutions

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New Mobile App Changes Health Care by Connecting Patients with Their Own Doctors Through Secure Video Appointments 


TouchCare, a mobile health company in Durham, has closed a Series A funding round led by a strategic investor, Mosaic Health Solutions, also based in Durham. Mosaic Health Solutions has gained a minority stake in the start-up company, which launched in 2014. 


TouchCare’s mobile app remotely connects patients and their own health care providers via smartphones or tablets for video appointments over a triple-encrypted secure line. TouchCare is compliant with federal privacy laws for protected health information and makes confidentiality a top priority. Setting up TouchCare for any size medical practice is fast and easy, with a simple download onto a mobile device. 


“With TouchCare, a patient can have an appointment with their doctor from anywhere, cutting out the commute and waiting room altogether. This type of technology will transform the way our health care system operates, making it simpler, more consumer-friendly and more affordable,” said Maureen O’Connor, president of Mosaic Health Solutions. 


For providers, TouchCare is highly scalable and easy to deploy with the potential to deliver value, improve access and enhance convenience for health plans and providers. It also provides a more personal approach compared to phone calls, which can help in building patient relationships and increased patient satisfaction. 


“We believe the personal connection between physicians and their own patients is a key factor for continuity of care, something often missing in today’s fragmented health care system. TouchCare facilitates this, by giving providers, whether an entire health care system or a small practice, an easy and convenient way to offer secure video appointments with their own patients. The investment from Mosaic Health Solutions allows us to continue this mission and further positions TouchCare at the forefront of mobile health care,” said Damian Gilbert, founder and CEO of TouchCare. 


TouchCare launched its first generation product in July with guidance and feedback from physicians at some of the nation’s leading academic medical institutions, including Mount Sinai in New York City. The app’s video appointments are ideal for follow-up care, discussing test results, medication refills and after-hours care, as well as to supplement some in-office appointments for seniors, patients with poor mobility, and parents with young children for advice on follow-up care. 


TouchCare also allows patients the convenience of having access to multiple health care providers on one mobile app. The app is free to download for patients, and can launch in minutes from a mobile device. Patients interested in connecting with their provider via video consults should encourage their doctor to learn more. 


Providers interested in learning more or taking advantage of a free trial can learn more at: 


About TouchCare 

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, TouchCare brings mobile health to mobile people, offering patients a way to remotely connect with their own doctors through private face-to-face video calls via smart phones or tablets. TouchCare officially launched in early 2014 and is already used by providers at some of America's leading medical centers, including Mount Sinai in New York City. For more information, visit:


About Mosaic Health Solutions 

Mosaic Health Solutions, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, is developing an integrated suite of market-leading solutions to accelerate health innovation. Through strategic investments, partnerships and the creation of new companies, Mosaic Health Solutions is making health care better by empowering consumers and enabling healthier living.