A View from the Other Side of Health Care

Blog Post
Evelyn Chojnacki

How does the health care startup space compare to the traditional health insurance industry? Evelyn Chojnacki shares her experience as an Echo Health Ventures Fellow in an article “A view from the other side of healthcare.”

“Now, almost 6 months into my Echo Health Ventures fellowship, I have a new and enlightened perspective on our obligation to serve our members, their communities, and the business. I have also come to appreciate the dramatic shift in this expectation over the years,” said Evelyn.

“Put simply, we owe it to everyone to continually seek and consider new health care solutions that not only improve the value of care received, but also enhance the overall experience. These ideas are growing with improved data and technology and will change not only how we as consumers get care, but also offer more favorable experiences and better care outcomes.”

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