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Echo’s Jessica Zeaske Featured on Startup Health’s Podcast

Jessica Zeaske Startup Health

Startup Health’s fireside chat is a weekly series in front of a live audience that invites the top minds in health care innovation to discuss their work. On this episode, Jessica Zeaske, managing partner at Echo Health Ventures, lends her unique perspective on public health, software development business experience to how firms can most effectively drive innovation. She also shares an inside look at Echo’s investment priorities and what she thinks makes a compelling pitch.

“Entrepreneurship can disrupt the broken health care system that we have today in America. When you look at how change is truly affected across industries, it is through the entrepreneurship path that those changes truly happen,” said Zeaske.

For more on how companies can leverage entrepreneurial spirit, listen to the conversation between host Logan Plaster and Jessica Zeaske here:
How Echo Health Ventures Invests in Health Innovation, With Jessica Zeaske – StartUp Health NOW podcast