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Embold Health and SurgeryPlus partner to deliver market-leading quality experience

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DALLAS — Based on an initial assessment, Embold Health finds that the physicians in the SurgeryPlus® network outperform market peers with respect to quality and cost of care.

Embold Health is the gold standard in physician performance ratings. They have built and delivered to market an objective and best-in-class ratings engine built on the most robust, peer reviewed (JAMA) physician level performance analytics in the market.

Their approach starts by measuring the clinical performance of individual physicians with scientific rigor, before turning these insights into actionable steps members can use to select high-quality physicians.

Embold has found that SurgeryPlus® succeeds at presenting members with high-quality providers who are higher performing relative to their peers on average across the dimensions of quality.

Shared Principles
Embold Health and SurgeryPlus® share several important core beliefs. Our first shared belief is that patients shouldn’t have to choose between affordable and excellent care. Another view Embold and SurgeryPlus® share is that it is the quality of the physician – not the name brand of a provider groups or hospital system – that drives the quality of care.

Because both companies understand that the single most important factor for determining quality of care is the decisions made by an individual provider, not the reputation of their facility or group, they both work to identify and direct members to the highest quality physicians in order to assure excellent and affordable care.

These principles are exhibited in a recently released white paper exploring deep rooted issues in healthcare, solutions for increasing the utilization of high-quality providers, and Embold’s data supporting those solutions. You can read that white paper online.

Shared Solution
When it comes to surgery, members face a host of barriers keeping them from ending up at the provider best suited to their needs. Patients deserve better and that is why Embold and SurgeryPlus® are partnering to build a first of its kind solution.

The new solution builds on the best parts of both SurgeryPlus® and Embold Health’s work — identifying top-performing individual surgeons and physicians across the United States — to offer a tiered network that ensures their members access to high-quality care in their local markets. Leadership of Embold Health and SurgeryPlus® are enthusiastic and optimistic about the companies’ ongoing partnership.

“We are excited to partner with SurgeryPlus® to bring visibility to the quality of the physicians in their network and to expand access to high-quality physicians for their members, making it easier for their members to access quality care in the local community without having to travel.”

–Daniel Stein, CEO Embold Health

“We have always been proud of the quality of our network, and we are excited to be working with Embold to broaden access to top-quality care though a novel, tiered-network offering.  This joint solution will leverage Embold’s at-scale understanding of provider-specific quality, along with our market-leading surgical and cancer solutions, helping millions of members nationwide access top-quality care, more affordably and accessibly.”

–John Zutter, CEO of Employer Direct Healthcare

There will be an upcoming opportunity to hear more about the SurgeryPlus® and Embold solution. Join us at a webinar soon to learn more and provide your feedback.


Employer Direct Healthcare is a market-leading healthcare services business providing high-quality and cost-efficient solutions for self-funded employers and their members. The company’s solutions transform healthcare for its members, facilitating access to top-quality care at fair prices nationwide.

Employer Direct Healthcare’s first product, SurgeryPlus®, is the market-leading surgical benefit, providing full-service concierge and network services to millions of covered members across hundreds of employers. In 2022, the company launched a first of its kind, comprehensive end-to-end oncology solution.

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