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For Us, Investing in Health Care Is Personal

No matter our roles in life, managing our health is a common experience: we all get sick, care for loved ones if they fall ill, and take charge of our own well-being. Health care is personal, and in some cases, pretty frustrating. Reports indicate that less than half of consumers are satisfied with their health care experience.

There are ways to make the system more efficient and create solutions that can ease health care concerns, remove barriers to accessing medications and treatments and give people the tools they need to shop around for the best health care prices. We recognize this potential and know that working together, we can do better.

That’s why we are so proud and excited to announce the creation of Echo Health Ventures, a new strategic collaboration between Cambia Health Solutions and Mosaic Health Solutions. This new company will combine Mosaic’s and Cambia’s proven investment expertise together to invest in and build health care solutions that will deliver value to people nationwide.

Transforming the health care industry is a bold vision. Instead of propping up the broken health care system, Echo Health Ventures is setting out to challenge the status quo by investing in young, innovative companies with creative approaches and trailblazing ideas, such as:

* GNS Health care, a big data analytics company that gives health plans, medical providers, pharmaceutical companies and others in the health care system intelligence they need to make data-driven decisions. GNS is working to use data to do things like cure diseases, remove the obstacles people face when trying to fill prescription medications, and even curb costs. GNS demonstrates how technology can be used to curb costs through personalized intervention on a large scale.

* FastMed is the largest urgent care operator nationwide to achieve Joint Commission accreditation for quality and safety. As the nation’s fastest growing and second largest urgent care provider nationwide, FastMed offers a wide spectrum of urgent care and family medicine needs across 112 locations in North Carolina, Arizona and Texas.

* Wildflower Health gives pregnant women tools they need, like smartphone based apps to help users meet financial goals and improve their well-being.

There are many other exciting organizations within the Cambia and Mosaic portfolios that challenge the traditional health care model, and we’ll continue to identify other great companies to invest in through Echo Health Ventures.

To learn more about today’s announcement read the full press release here and follow Echo Health Ventures on Twitter @healthecho.